outback armour suspension review

Outback Armour Suspension Review

outback armour suspension review

outback armour suspension review.If you’re looking for an off-road suspension kit, you’ve probably come across Outback Armour. Its products offer heavy-duty suspension solutions for both recreational and defense vehicles. While meeting quality guidelines for defense forces isn’t easy, Outback Armour’s products meet these guidelines and come with an unlimited km warranty. However, while Outback Armour has a relatively limited selection, the company is continually expanding. To find out more about Outback Armour’s suspension kits, continue reading!

Outback Armour suspension kit

An Outback Armour suspension kit is a set of components for your vehicle that give it strength and durability in off-road conditions. They are manufactured in Australia and include leaf springs, coil springs, u-bolts, and dust boots. They are adjustable front and rear, and come with complete sets of rubber bushes. For best results, measure the height of the center of your wheel to the guard and then adjust the height accordingly. If you’re using bullbars or additional front loads, they can also be raised.

An Outback Armour suspension kit comes complete with a brake line spacer, supplied hardware, and Jounce Stops. Bump stops are important components of any 4WD, and they help prevent your tyres from munching guards. They also allow a reasonable amount of up/down travel. Most bump stops are hard rubber blocks, but Outback Armour’s progressive bump stops are taller and softer, so your tyres won’t catch on them.

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If you are looking to improve the performance of your 4WD, you may be considering upgrading the suspension system. The Outback Armour suspension system is an excellent choice. It features an extensive range of suspension hardware, including leaf springs, coil springs and u-bolts. These products are designed to withstand the toughest conditions, so you can rely on them. To install an Outback Armour suspension system, follow the installation instructions carefully.

Outback Armour suspension kits are made in Australia and are designed to provide strength and durability in extreme off-road conditions. The kits contain shock absorbers, coil springs, strut mounts, and sway bar relocation brackets. For vehicles with constant load carrying requirements, the Expedition kit contains shock absorbers and strut mounts. You can adjust the headlights and install the sway bar relocation bracket if necessary.


Aside from being a great way to upgrade the handling of your SUV, Outback Armour suspension kits are also incredibly durable. Engineered in Australia, Outback Armour suspension kits are designed to give you strength, control, and performance in any off-road situation. Moreover, they provide the comfort and load carrying capability you need on the highway, no matter what the terrain is like. You can install Outback Armour suspension kits in just a few simple steps, without any technical knowledge or experience.

Outback Armour is an Australian company that has poached top suspension architects to develop its range of suspension components. Each component is built specifically for the Australian terrain, and the company boasts an unlimited kilometer guarantee on their consumables. Their lineup is constantly growing, but currently includes suspension kits for Ford Ranger, Toyota four-wheel drives, Nissan Navara, and Volkswagen Amarok. Its products are available through dealer networks in New Zealand, the UAE, and other parts of Australia.


The Outback Armour suspension system is a complete set of components that comes with all necessary hardware and brake line spacers. These components will ensure that the tyres remain protected during rough terrain, and are a vital part of the entire suspension system. The Jounce Stops are included with the suspension system, and they provide even further protection against tyre damage. Bump stops are an essential part of all 4WDs, as they allow for a reasonable amount of up/down travel. The most common type of bump stop is a hard rubber block, while the Outback Armour progressive bump stops are taller and softer.

The Outback Armour suspension system is designed in-house, ensuring superior quality and durability. The company has over 30 years of experience in the industry, and offers a wide range of suspension parts, including multi-year unlimited-kilometre guarantees. Its extensive product range also includes ute accessories, including ladder racks and nudge bars. Outback Armour suspension systems are a smart choice if you’re in need of a suspension upgrade for your ute.

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