NASA made history by flying a drone on Mars.

 NASA made history by flying a drone on Mars.  On Monday, the US space agency NASA announced that for the first time, the spacecraft has been able to successfully launch a small drone helicopter from the surface of Mars.

NASA made history by flying a drone on Mars.

 NASA staff exploded as soon as the news of the first machine-powered and controlled flight to a planet other than Earth reached the Earth.  Our team has been working hard for this project for six years. Our dream was to fly an airplane to Mars for the first time and today our dream has come true.

 The video shows the drone weighing 1.8 kg rising from the surface of Mars and successfully landing after 40 seconds.  However, NASA claims that sending a vehicle to Mars is a very difficult task.  However, with its low weight and 350 watts of power, it is able to turn more than two and a half thousand pucca per minute, making this idea a reality.

 Although it seems easy to see, flying a plane to Mars is a very difficult task.  Because the atmosphere on Mars is very thin, the Earth has only a fraction of the density of the Earth's atmosphere on the planet. And so it is very difficult for a winged spacecraft to rise above the air.  The two brothers made history by flying planes.  NASA scientists are claiming such a historic moment towards the incident of flying a helicopter on Mars.

 The drone has two wings as well as two cameras, one with a black and white camera aimed at the surface and the other with a high resolution camera set horizontally.  So, with this song, it will be possible to send the necessary images for research including the surface of Mars, including Gafur.

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