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 Japanese culture for fresh and pure skin is based on a 10-minute process that contains 3 basic steps, which we review in the next report, according to the American website "Bright Side"

Japanese skin whitening methods

Most Asians have a 4-2-4 face wash, which is a special program divided into 3 stages by 10 minutes, starting with oil, skin cleansing cream, and then a final bath.

Oil category

The oil phase aims to improve blood circulation by massaging the skin for 4 minutes with one of the oils suitable for the skin type such as the jojoba that absorbs the skin easily.

This first step helps to soften the upper layer of the face and not to close any closed pores.

Section cleansing cream

After massaging the face lightly, apply a cleanser on the face that is suitable for the skin in the oil used in the previous section, then rinse the face for two minutes with a small movement.

Dermatologists recommend cream cleansers rather than foams or gels because they do not dry out the skin too much.

The rinse stage

We start the third and final phase by washing the face with warm water for two minutes, then finishing with cold water for another two minutes.

Warm water helps to remove excess oil from the skin and increases blood flow to the surface.

As for cold water, it can help to reduce and close the pores, so the 10-minute process ends with getting a clean, clean and fresh skin.

Commenting on this Japanese procedure, the expert said following this method of facial cleansing, the owner does not need to wash his face in the morning, only at night, 4 times a week.

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