How to make cabbage soup to burn fat । Cabbage soup diet for 2 weeks । Cabbage soup for weight loss

Fat burning cabbage soup, after we talked about it in our previous article “Cabbage Diet Program” which helps you lose about 4.5 pounds of 4.5 pounds of weight in less than a week, and says the positive and negative effects of eating cabbage soup.

How to make cabbage soup to burn fat

Cabbage soup to burn fat

In this article, we give you the best way to make a fat cabbage drink and, if God wills, remove your extra weight in a short time.

Prices for drinking cabbage

- 6 green onions (if not available, regular onions can be used)

- 2 green peppers

- One or two cans of tomato paste

- A packet of edible vegetables with succulent branches, parsley or coriander

- a large piece of cabbage

- bags of onion soup bags (Maggi or Lipton)

- In addition to salt, pepper and spices to taste

How to prepare a cabbage drink

- Vegetables are cut into pieces and placed on the fire after adding water to cover it, then add a bag of soup, spices and salt to the required amount.

Boil the soup for 10 minutes on high heat, then reduce the heat to low and cook until the vegetables are soft.

You can eat this mixture any time you feel hungry during a meal unless you are told otherwise. Eat cabbage soup whenever you want whenever you like.

- This soup does not add calories. The more you eat this soup, the higher the fat temperature. If you drink soup without supplements, it can lead to malnutrition, so this is not recommended in food magazines. You should eat healthy foods next to cabbage soup.

Your first day with cabbage soup

All kinds of fruit except bananas, today all kinds of fruits can be eaten without bananas, watermelons and watermelons, soup and fruit only on this day in addition to water, tea or coffee, but without sugar and do not drink cold drinks.

Your second day with cabbage soup.

This is a vegetable day. Eat as much as possible of all the most common and cooked vegetables on this day. Try to pick vegetables with leaves. Stay away from legumes and maize. Eat as many vegetables as you like in a special soup. A large slice of mashed potatoes and butter, above all you can from a special soup, stay away from fruit on this day.

On the third day with cabbage soup,

combine first and second day, as much fruit, vegetables, and soup as possible. Remember, you can't eat potatoes on this day.

Your fourth day with cabbage soup,

this day contains bananas and skims milk, you can eat 8 bananas a day more than any other fatty milk and special soups, on this day your body needs potassium, sugar, and starch

On your fifth day with cabbage soup,

this day is cow and tomato day, you can eat a day equal to (280-500) beef over a box of tomatoes and paste or 6 tomatoes instead of paste, try to drink on this day 6-8 cups of water until the body removes uric acid, then drink soup on this day at least once.

Your sixth day with cabbage soup.

This is the day of beef and vegetables. You can eat it even if you like 2-3 steaks with green vegetables. Do not eat mashed potatoes on this day. Drink soup at least once a day.

Your seventh day with cabbage soup

This is rice day, but in a foreign way, on this day brown rice is eaten with fruit juice without sugar made (i.e. any kind of natural juice) in addition to vegetables, you are allowed to eat whatever you want on this rice day And vegetables as you wish, of course, while not forgetting to drink soup special at least once.

At the end of your seventh day

You find that you have lost an average of 4.5 to 5 kilograms, if God permits, and this method can be used without restrictions, as long as you take two days off each time.

The seven-day method is a quick way to burn and eliminate excess fat, and the idea is based on the principle that you burn more calories than you take, cleansing the body of impurities and making you feel more comfortable.

Cabbage soup system is invalid

Do not eat any kind of bread, any kind of frying pan, and do not drink alcohol or cold drinks, only the preferred dietary supplements are allowed water, tea, and coffee without milk and sugar, natural fruit juice without sugar and stay away from industrial juice and you can also drink condensed milk.

As for the special soup that burns grease, you can drink it whenever you feel hungry, at any time and in any amount (because the water in the soup is low, you can eat it with broth or eat it).

Cabbage soup does not add calories but instead burns calories in your body. 

If you like to change, you can eat fried chicken without skin or grilled fish instead of beef on the fifth day (beef day), as long as the sixth day remains as it is eaten in the cow, as you will need the protein found in the cow.

All medical prescriptions are not affected by the use of this program as desired, and will continue in a state of mental and physical comfort.

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