Northeast United vs Hyderabad 2021 Full Match Result Newsinfobd24

 Today we will know about the match result of NorthEast United vs Hyderabad.  Hyderabad is ranked 13th in the points table and 7th in the NorthEast United points table.  NorthEast United has 11 points and Hyderabad has 15 points.  Hyderabad won three of the last 5 matches and lost two matches and NorthEast United lost the last five matches of three matches and drew two.

Northeast United vs Hyderabad 2021 Full Match Result Newsinfobd24

 In today's match NorthEast United scored two goals and Hyderabad scored four goals.  Aridane Santana scored for Hyderabad in the first three minutes of the match.  Joel Chianese scored for Hyderabad in the 36th minute of the match.  Northeast United got a penalty in the 45th minute of the match and then Federico Gallego for Northeast United.  Northeast United scored again two minutes later. Benjamin Lambot scored.

 Northeast United took 17 total shots and Hyderabad took 14 total shots.  Northeast United has taken eight total shots on target and Hyderabad has taken five total shots on target.  Northeast United's position was 40 per cent and Hyderabad's position was 60 per cent.  Northeast United gave 254 passes and Hyderabad gave 377 passes.  Northeast United's pass accuracy was 70 per cent and Hyderabad's pass accuracy was 78 per cent.

Northeast United committed 16 fouls and Hyderabad also committed 16 fouls.  Northeast United gets two yellow cards and Hyderabad gets four yellow cards.  Although both the teams committed equal fouls, the fouls of Hyderabad were a bit bad so they got four yellow cards.  Neither player received a red card between the two teams.  Northeast United four times off side and Hyderabad no offside. 

 Northeast United corner four times and Hyderabad corner five times.  We know that the team that gets more corners is more likely to score.  In that respect, Hyderabad got more corners and scored more goals.  If we look at the statistics, we can see that Hyderabad is ahead from all sides.  Hyderabad's offensive was good.  He has done well in defense as well.

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