Nokia 215 2021 Specifications Full Review By Newsinfobd24

 Today I will review with a small mobile phone.  This phone will be much better for those who just talk or use.  With this mobile you can settle all accounts and talk.  This mobile will be very helpful for the elderly people or students.  So now let's know the full details of the mobile:

Nokia 215 2021 Specifications Full Review By Newsinfobd24

 The launch date of this mobile is November 11, 2020. First of all, the model of the mobile is Nokia 215 2020.  The height of the mobile is 2.4 "and the width is 6.1cm. The RAM in the mobile is 64MB. The battery of this mobile is given 1150 mAh. The processor of this mobile is given Unisoc UMS9117. Two SIMs can be used simultaneously in this mobile.

The type of SIM card is Nano.  This mobile will support 2g and 3g networks.  And if the mobile is of Indian brand then it will support 4g.  This mobile weighs 90.3 grams.  You will get this mobile in two colors.  The colors are Black, Cyan Green.  This mobile has internal memory 128 MB. Moreover this mobile will support up to 32GB memory card.

Talking on 4g network with this mobile can get battery backup up to 6 hours.  Up to 7 hours of battery backup is available when talking on a 3g network.  And if you talk on 2g network, you can get up to 10 hours of battery backup.  This mobile has a 3.5 mm audio jack.  This mobile will support USB.  Moreover, this mobile has Bluetooth, mp3, mp4, games, FM radio.

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