Vivo V20 2021 Price & Full REVIEW by newsinfobd24

 Vivo launches Vivo v20 2021 in India.  They launched Vivo v20 3 months ago and Vivo v20 2021 before 2021. There is no difference between the two phones. If you buy Vivo v20 or Vivo v20 2021, you will not find any difference between the two phones.  Today we will be unboxing Vivo v 20 2021 to know what is in the box and to know the details by doing a full review  :

Vivo V20 2021 Price & Full REVIEW by newsinfobd24

 Vivo v20 2021 This is how you get a similar box like Vivo v20.  There is nothing to be sad about if it is not launched in Bangladesh because I have already told you that we have not seen any difference between Vivo v20 2021 and Vivo v20.  There are some minor differences that cannot be overstated.  

First you will see SIM injection.  Here are some manual guides.  I don't understand why it increases the weight of the box with these papers.  Because I don't think anyone reads it these days.  You will get a transparent cover with good quality.  Now let's come to our mobile, the mobile has been given inside a cover and when you take the phone in your hand first, you get a more premium feeling.  

You will see different colors replying while we rotate it with Vivo branding at the bottom.  Seriously, the phone looks great.  Here you will find three cameras with LED flash.  The design is also quite interesting.  Please let us know how you like the design in the comment box.


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