Infinix Smart HD 2021 Reviews after use 7 days

 As the days go by, the phone companies are increasing the price of phones.  Finding a mobile phone with a good specification at a low price means that you get sweaty.  And standing there today I'm going to talk about a phone that is on a very low budget.  Suppose a mobile phone with a price of 6000 rupees can be there today. 

Infinix Smart HD 2021 Reviews after use 7 days

 It usually costs Rs 10,000 to buy a phone, what can you get there for only Rs 6,000.  There are many friends like this whose market is very tight.  And even if you have to spend 500 rupees or 200 rupees more, it seems that there is no need to buy this phone.  I had this problem too so I can understand it.  

If I am satisfied with 6000 rupees phone and like to run my normal activities then I would say this phone is a great phone.  And today I brought this phone for this infinix smart hd 2021. It was supposed to launch in 2021 but it will be launched this December.  And I've been testing the phone for seven days to see how it works.

The back of this mobile uses an 8mp camera and comes with a 2mp camera sensor.  Taking pictures with this camera will not give such a good picture.  The front has a flash camera option which allows you to take selfies even in the dark. Fingerprint is given in the mobile. This mobile is perfect for those who have low budget.

 The mobile has been given the Android version Ten.  It has a 3.5mm jack.  The mobile has a 5000mAh battery.  As a result, the mobile can be used for one or two days on full charge.  This mobile is powered by Mediatek Helio A20.  This mobile cannot be used heavy.  If you run high quality games, the mobile can hang.  So this mobile will be much better for normal use.


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