Discomfort is increasing in rice stocks by 2021

 According to estimates, rice stocks in government warehouses have declined by 38 per cent in the last two months.  As a result, the price of rice is increasing in the country's market.  The food department says an agreement has already been reached to import one tonne of rice to increase stocks.  More than 1.5 lakh tons of import agreement is being signed.

Discomfort is increasing in rice stocks by 2021

In July this year, more than 1.5 million tonnes of food was stored in warehouses.  In the space of five months that has come down to almost half.  According to the latest data from the food department, the country currently has 7 lakh 55 thousand tons of food stock.  Of this, 4 lakh 45 thousand tons of rice and 2 lakh 10 thousand tons of wheat.

Food Ministry Secretary Dr Nazmanara Khanum said, "Normally we say we need to stockpile 10 lakh metric tonnes but in this case our stock is less."  We have not exported from abroad, the country's production is in the country.  Resulting in a food crisis.

Meanwhile, the price of rice has risen in line with the declining government stocks.  According to estimates, coarse rice was sold at Rs 44 to 46 per kg in the retail market a month ago.  At present, it is being sold in the market at a price of Tk 54 per kg.  Other rice prices have risen at exactly the same rate.  Aman rice came to the market but it did not have any effect.

Dr. MA Sattar Mandal, Vice Chancellor of Bangladesh Agricultural University, says that the food procurement program has not been very successful in any season.  Aman rice is not seen much now. I think those who do warehouse business have enough rice stocks.  These stocked foods are slowly coming to market. So I tell everyone there is no reason to worry.

The government's food procurement programs have been limited due to declining stocks.  Meanwhile, the rice distribution companies have been suspended.  Rising rice prices are making it harder for the poor to feed themselves.  We or the government need to keep an eye on this.  However, it is important to be careful that imports are not too high, but that food prices will fall sharply, leaving farmers frustrated.

However, the government does not want to import rice in the private sector right now. Instead, the food grain procurement office at the local level will be taken forward, the food ministry said.

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